• Mountaineering Leadership Course



    基本費用 Cost

    ¥270,000/3名様以上 270,000JPY/per person 3people


    ※Lesson fees,Kayak rental,Kayak equipmens rental,All meals in tours,Facirities fee、Outdoor activity insurance include.



    富山県,長野県,岐阜県: Toyama,Nagano,Gifu prefecture 

    北海道大雪:Hokkaido prefecture Daisetsu National Park

    • About Couse



      The Mountaineering and leadership course is held to acquire comprehensive Mountaneering skills, outdoor skills and risk management, mainly in the Hida range Honshu Japan and the Daisesuzan National Park in Hokkaido. The traverse distance is about 50 km. After completing the 12 day course, you will be able to learn not only the basic skills of sea kayaking but also the basics of becoming an outdoor leader, guide and instructor.




      • 講習費
      • ツアー中の食事、食料
      • 施設利用代
      •  lesson fee
      • All Meals 
      • Facirities fee


      • 現地までの往復交通費
      • 旅行保険

      Not include

      • Flights, airport transfers, ferries, taxis to meeting point
      • Travel/medical&activities insurance











      ツアーの中でリーダーシップとフォローワーシップを発揮して、より変化のある環境で安全を確保しつつONE TEAMになるための意識決定を実践してもらいます。各自がリーダーまたは他の役割を担うことでロールプレイの中からグループマネジメントを失敗とフィードバックを重ねることで学んでいただきます。








      Day 1

      Pre-trip meeting at AM (unless otherwise directed) at the Meeting point. After a brief meet and greet with your instructors and fellow students, we will discuss the course and students’ goals and expectations. 


      Days 2-3

      We will prepare for the expedition tour such as basic equipment check, walking technique, and camping skill check and skill check.


      Days 4-6

      We will focus on technical skill instruction and development. Days will be spent in the field addressing points of the course curriculum. Students will plan the route and destinations in advance, with flexibility incorporated into the day-to-day route and itinerary. This will provide for many opportunities and teachable moments related to judgment and decision-making. We aim to spend 6-8 hours daily on skill development and traveling our route, with time spent on shore participating in lessons, problem solving activities, and discussions and debriefs.


      Day 7-10

      We will focus on leadership, judgment and decision-making development. The group will continue to tackle objectives. Participants will have the opportunity to be in leadership roles, develop teaching styles, and be active participants in group decision-making and safety management.


      Day 11

      Arriving to goal. we will have final evaluations. Students will be evaluated, by their instructors, on their understanding and completion of curriculum.


      Day 12

      Finish of the course

    • DATE

      2020年7月〜9月 2020.Jun,〜Nov.






      This proglum nurtures leadership development and creates an awareness of the guiding mentality essential for leading safe, fun adventures in the wilderness. The combination of technical skills training, experiential education and practical leadership experience.We believe that experiences drive our learning, and therefore we use formal and informal classes taught by both instructors and students. Instructors are eager to help facilitate the learning process, but, ultimately, how much you learn will be dependent upon the amount of effort you put into the course.
      A detailed curriculum will be provided at the beginning of the course. Below is a partial list of curriculum points that will be covered throughout your course.
























      長期間同じメンバーで同じ目標、目的を共有しながら行動する際には必ず人間関係の摩擦や葛藤が起こります。よりストレスのかかった環境下で他のメンバーの立場になって考えられるか。実践の中でONE TEAMになるためのプロセスを学びます。






      General skill

      ・Leader of the Day: Opportunities to lead the group will be abundant and you’ll have the time to learn and practice multiple styles of leadership.


      ・ Situational Based Decision Making: Over the course of 12 days, we’ll discover ways to make effective and safe decisions in the field.


      ・ Focused and “Big Picture” Awareness: Learn to identify objective and subjective hazards in a backcountry setting.


      ・Logistics: Develop the ability to efficiently plan and pack for an extended expedition in the backcountry.


      ・Communication Skills: Learn to communicate to a wide variety of audiences and provide constructive and appropriate feedback during daily group debriefs.


      ・Teaching and Lesson Plans: You’ll have the opportunity to develop lesson plans, teach in front of the group, and learn the importance of progressions for teaching technical skills and leadership.


      ・ Expedition Behavior and Group Dynamics: As this course is a true wilderness expedition, interactions between group members need to be supportive and contribute to the efficacy of the group. Learn the finer points of teaching these facilitation skills.


      ・Camp Set-up and Maintenance: Mastering these essential skills will prove valuable whether you are pitching a tent in gale force winds or melting snow for drinking water.


      ・ Nutrition and Cooking: A healthy diet is vital for maintaining energy throughout an expedition. Learn to appropriately prepare nutritional and tasty backcountry meals.


      ・Navigation: Learn how to take a bearing, read a topographical map, triangulate your position, and navigate in a whiteout.


      Weather: Will the storm arrive in the next 12 hours, or the next 48? Understanding weather patterns and trends will help you plan successful trips in a wilderness setting.














      長期の縦走においては綿密なプランニングとナビゲーションスキルが必要になります。コンパスワークから地形図を利用してより実践的なナビゲーション方法を学びます。Navigation is Art!








      Mountaineering skills


      ・ Mountain equipment

      You will learn the basic concept of equipment and how to use it by mountaineeing the center of the Hida Mountains. Learn the concept and handling of weaing and equipment according to the situation.


      ・ Walking skills

      Learn the basics of comprehensive walking skills through tours. Learn basic walking techniques and master advanced techniques.



      Learn how to rescue in various situations. It is important to learn various rescue rescues and group rescues, and to decide and implement a safer and more reliable rescue plan according to the situation.


      ・ Navigation & planning

      For long-term treverse, smart planning and navigation skills are required. Learn more practical navigation methods using topographic maps from compass work. Navigation is Art!


      ・ Group management

      Long-term traverse with various members who have values ​​and backbones require friction and frank exchange of opinions. Students also learn leadership and follow-up in an environment where conditions change greatly.



      It is indispensable to carry communication equipment when operating in a remote area. You will learn not only mobile phones but also how to use equipment such as Inrearch that uses satellite system. You will also learn how to make a rescue request to a third party, its protocol, and the concept of backup.



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