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    基本費用 Cost

    ¥350,000/3名様以上 350,000JPY/per person 3people

    ¥550,000/2名様 550,000JPY/per person 2people

    ※Guide fee,Kayak rental,Kayak equipmens rental,All meals in tours,Facirities fee,Car rental(Group share), Campin ground fee, include.



    ソルトスプリング島周辺 : Salspring Island Britsh Columbia Canada


    集合場所:Meeting point

    バンクーバー空港 Vancouver Airport


    集合時間:Meeting time






      Salt Spring Island in British Columbia, Canada, is located in the heart of the Gulf Islands, a rich natural environment surrounded by the sea and mountains. The calm sea area surrounded by the inland sea is an ideal environment for sea kayaking, and is dotted with complex topography and many small islands. The tour starts a five-day sea kayaking tour from Salt Spring Island to an island several tens of kilometers away by kayaking on a water taxi. You can enjoy island hopping while camping in a sea kayak with various islands according to your condition. You may be able to meet wild animals such as seals and killer whales if you have a chance. Before and after the sea kayaking tour, I will stay at a farm run by a Japanese person who has lived on Salt Spring Island for many years and has wonderful culture. The farm is located on a land of huge field, where you can enjoy a local life full of nature and delicious food.

    • ツアーに含まれるもの:INCLUSION

      • プロフェッショナルガイドサービス
      • 全てのカヤッキングギア
      • ツアー中の食事
      • レンタカー
      • 施設利用代
      • Professional guiding service
      • All kayaking equipment
        (including kayaks, PFDs, paddles, pumps, sponges)
      • Meals (include all meals between sekayak tours)
      • Car rental
      • Facirities fee



      • バンクバーまでの往復交通費
      • 現地での宿泊代
      • 海外活動保険
      • アルコールや嗜好品
      • キャンピングギア(テント、シュラフ、マット)
      • スプーン、フォーク、皿、ボウル
      • 着替え、洗面用具

      Not include

      • Flights, airport transfers, ferries, taxis,
      • Travel/medical&activities insurance
      • Accomodation fee at local stay
      • Alcoholic or carbonated beverages
      • Camping gear(Sleeping bags,Sleeping matt,Tent)
      • Spoon, dish, bowl,
      • Personal items (toiletries, clothing, etc.).


    • 予定:ITINERARY















      Day 1
      We will meet at the Vancouver airport and move to the ferry pier in about 40 minutes by rental car. I will go to Salt Spring Island by ferry. It takes about 1 hour and 30 minutes by ferry.

      Day 2-3
      Walk around Salt Spring Island to prepare for the sea kayak tour.

      Days 4 to 8
      From Salt Spring Island, take a water taxi to the starting point of the tour and start the sea kayak tour. It is a luxurious camp tour while camping on many uninhabited islands.

      Day 9-10
      After the sea kayak tour, you can enjoy hiking around Salt Spring Island and the local lifestyle.

      Days 11 to 12
      From Salt Spring Island, take a ferry back to Vancouver and then fly back to Japan from Vancouver Airport.

      Please feel free to contact us if you would like to discuss your travel plans in more detail.

    • 装備:EQUIPMENT

      シーカヤックは基本的に防水性がありますが、ハッチから少量の水が入り込むことがあります。雨が降ったり、転覆した際に入水しないようできるだけ防水性を保ちます。 ドライバッグと呼ばれる防水性の収納袋にコンパクトに収納することで対応します。


      Sea kayaks are basically watertight, although small amounts of water may get in through the rudder lines and hatches. In the event of rain or capsized kayak in the water we try to keep things as waterproof as possible. We will try to prvide waterproof storage bags also known as ‘dry bags’ If you prefer to bring your own dry bags, please note the largest bag should not be larger than a sleeping bag or 15 litres; several small bags about 5L are best. We will rent one 5 litre, one 10 litre dry bags for you to pack into if you need it. The 5 litre bag is good for storing small items such as cameras, sunscreen, suglasses, etc. 


      • 気温について




      Temperatures in July-August are typically around 10 ~ 20 ° C. The seawater temperature is around 10 ° C. You need a T-shirt in the daytime and a jacket in the morning and at night because of the dry weather. The sensible temperature will change greatly depending on the rain and wind, so please be prepared for equipment and welling.


      • 以下は持参していただく装備のアドバイスです。


      The following is a list of suggested items to bring along. If you have any concerns or questions about the list, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


      • スリーピングバッグ-3シーズンの化繊タイプが推奨されます。ダウンタイプはコンパクト性に優れていますが、防水には細心の注意を払ってください。
      • Sleeping bag – A 3-season synthetic bag is recommended. Down bags will work but please take extra care to waterproof. 


      • ウォーターシューズ-丈夫な丈夫なサンダルタイプ(Keens、Tevas、Chacosなど)、ネオプレンのブーツ、crocs、または濡れても良いスニーカー
      • Wetshoes – A pair that can get wet such as sturdy full strapped sandals (such as Keens, Tevas or Chacos), neoprene booties, crocs, or rubber boots. Please avoid flip-flops/thongs. Spirit of the West has a wide range of rubber boot sizes (youth – men’s size 13) available to borrow free of charge if you don’t have your own wet shoes or have limited space in your luggage. There will be an opportunity to try on boots at the pre-trip meeting.


      • 上陸時のシューズ-スニーカータイプをご用意ください。トレイルランニングシューズは登山にも使えるのでおすすめです。
      • Camp footwear – An additional pair of footwear that you plan to keep dry. Runners, trainers or light hikers are great.


      • 帽子-化繊のアウトドアブランドのベースボールキャップ、ひさしのあるタイプの帽子、夜寒くなった時様にウールもしくはフリースタイプのニットキャップもあると良いです。
      • Hat – A sun hat such as a baseball hat or full-brimmed hat as well as a wool or fleece warm hat for evenings or cooler days.


      • サングラス&日焼け止め-ジップロックなどに入れて保管してください。日焼け対策は必須です。サングラスは落水防止用にグラスコードを装着することをおすすめします。
      • Sunglasses & sunscreen (stored in a Ziploc bag) – A must for protection from sun and glare off of the water. Safety cords on your glasses are highly recommended.


      • ヘッドランプ-スペアのバッテリーを用意してください。
      • Small flashlight or headlamp – With spare batteries. 


      • カメラ&iphone-厳重に防水バッグに入れるようにしてください。
      • Camera – In a waterproof bag or case, or you may use our dry bags.


      • その他個人装備-アメニティー
      • Personal items – Toothbrush, toothpaste, biodegradable soap/shampoo, washcloth, feminine hygiene products, hairbrush, etc.


      • 常備薬
      • Medication 


      • 虫除け
      • Mosquito repellent 


      • ウォーターボトル-ナルゲンボトルやサイクル用ボトル1L以上
      • Water bottle – Bike bottles or Nalgene-style bottles work best.


      • グローブ-バイク用のグローブは手にマメができるのを予防できます。
      • Gloves (optional) – Biking gloves work well to protect your hands from blisters.


      • 飲み物-ツアーの食事ではお茶やコーヒーをこちらで用意しています。ご自身でソフトドリンクやアルコールをご用意ください。アルコールの摂取はご自身の責任でお願いします。基本的には飲酒によるカヤックの操船はリスクが高いので禁止させて頂いております。
      • Beverages – We supply a teas and coffee . You are welcome to bring along soda pops or alcoholic beverages if you choose to. Please note however that we do expect our guests to consume alcoholic beverages responsibly and strictly enforce a no alcohol on the water policy.


      • 釣り道具
      • Fishing gear

      You need to pay a license fee when you go fishing.


      • 双眼鏡
      • Binoculars (optional)
    • 開催予定日


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