Avalanche Education Course 2days (Basic Safety Camp)
  • Avalanche Education Course 2days (Basic Safety Camp)

    参加費用(1名あたり)Cost/per person

    ¥25,000/1名様 25,000JPY/ per person

    Cost is guide fee only.Other expenses required.

    *Program Lesson fees 


     NOT Included in price

    ・lift ticket


    ・Accident insurance 

    ・Guide expences

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      It is a basic course for 2 days covering the comprehensive contents of avalanche safety measures. While actually moving in the field, they do the identification of the avalanche landform, the method of group management, the understanding of the unstable snow condition, and the training of search and rescue. A standardized program that organizes things such as "what is possible", "What you need", and "What's important" into a systematic format for general users. In addition, I will explain in detail how to use the avalanche information announced by JAN.

      It is more effective to participate if you have experienced activities in the field (skiing or climb) in advance. If you have no experience in the field, I recommend you to join a tour organized by a JAN member's guide tour program because there are some problems such as the handling of tour equipment.



        9:00 集合
        9:15 雪崩現象、雪崩地形、積雪の不安定性と雪崩ハザード
       12:00 昼休憩
       13:00 捜索訓練(戸外)
       16:00 安全行動原則、グループマネジメント
       17:30 雪崩情報・雪の掲示板、翌日の計画
       18:30 終了
        8:00 集合しフィールドへ。行動判断、グループマネジメント、積雪観察や地形利用、捜索訓練など
       15:00 下山
       15:30 座学会場に再集合、まとめ
       17:00 解散


      9: 00 Meeting
      9: 15 Indoor classroom
      12: 00 Lunch break
      13: 00 Search training (outside)
      16: 00 Safety Action Principles, Group Management
      17: 30 avalanche information/snow bulletin board, plan for next day
      30: 18 Finish

      <Day 2>
      We meet at 8: 00 and go to the field. Behavior judgment, group management, snow observation, use of terrain, search training, etc.
      15: 00 Finish field work
      15: 30  the meeting was reassembled and summarized.
      17: 00  Finish of course





      ・ Equipment for backcountry day tours
      ・ Beacons, probes, and shovels

    • DATE




      2021 Jun  available